Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 152.3

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16 Replies to “Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 152.3”

  1. just finish reading from chapter one up to date..was wondering when will the update be?..really love it so much..took me 2days to finish reading it..with interuptions ofcourse..hehhe

  2. Me too, I love Mr.fluffy too bad. Big Red I need to praise you some more like MC in the future wkwk. Thank you so much for the updated, Im trully gratefull to you and timelessleaf team. Yo all the best!! Eh, but Yan Moge is always numero uno in my heart😘

  3. Idk, but I stilllind of want her to go back to her real world? I know this will never happen, cause the author made it clear by that one incident with the illusion of her best friend(signaling that Xiaowan has to move on), her funeral in her own world and the disappearance of the system, but still. What about her parents? And her other friends?

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