Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 151.3

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  1. “You’re the only one I see… No body else.”

    Oh my oh my, did our Moge just low key confess here?? 😏❀️

    Thank you Big Red and Team Leaf!

  2. Lol at most of the comments… 🀣 I really love the pace of the fl and ml (Moge) character developments, it really shows that their both slowly changing into something more amazing.
    Thanks leaf 🍁 and teamβ™₯οΈπŸ€—

  3. Omooo.. Thanks big red n leaf sama, i love you..
    N i love this chapter too.. So sweet..
    N i believe yan moge will become a possessif husband 🀭

  4. This update really made me appreciate Moge’s rare facial expressions. We even have chibis now too! How rare! Or he’s now letting his guard down only for her. Just let the ship move safely okay? We don’t need anything unecessary anymore since the ship was already introduced late and due to plot reasons, we have to enjoy what we get at a minimum for now

    1. I don’t think this is that late, relatively speaking. Her cultivation level is still pretty low and she probably still needs to reach his power level ish before the story will end.

      1. I think they meant late in the story. The 2 other ML’s had a long time with her before she really found and hung out with the real Yan Moge.

  5. Aren’t they the same person? Like ive just gone with the flow but there is a complete disregard for the fact that she Alice in wonderlanded herself into a game.

    1. Lmao they are NOT the same person. They showed part of Yan MoGe’s past in previous chapters there is no possibility that they are the same person.

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