Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 71

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Yup still working on mxsd chapters…slowly but surely XD



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  1. But let’s be realistic, what do you remember about the MC? She is crazy strong, her grandfather raised her and then died, she decided to study to be a cultivator as revenge/motivation, she climbed a mountain, became a student at a famous cultivating school, became disciple to an elder because of the ML aura/qi, made a friend, trained in some weird demon sect manual, found out about her family/clan history, went to some weird other dimension to get stronger and now she is wandering around the ML past/psyche…she could be a supporting character for as much as we know about her…she is an ignorant, strong, naive, trusting fool…what more is there to know?

  2. It’s great to see you to continue this work. I was curious how long this arc has truly been going for and whether the short chapters and time spans of release is messing with our sense of scale. To get a comparison I have combined the chapters to make them at least 30 pages long and I’ve come up with a total of 5 chapters. Still think this arc has going on for too long though…

  3. its awful to write this way. most of the story the mc is thrown away no mc. all for the plague of having to make a male pseudo-mc supplant her.

  4. I suppose I won’t be the first or the last to say this, but alought I’m not against the fact that it’s great to give some background to the compagnon of the MC, this is waaaay to long… Soon we’l know more about the past of sides characters than the MC…

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