The Peerless Concubine Chapter 126.5

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  1. Oooh yes Leaf thanks for the update! \(^,^)/ and lol at least this time rouge doesn’t have to fight yet again against a jealous and/or cocky idiot.. And the flaming power was Shen’s doing? I don’t get it? curious to what’s to come!

  2. At least Ruge can see how she fights and Gentleman Shen maybe trying to show Ruge all of Zhiji’s moves and her trump card. Because there is no way in hell she can beat him. I guess if gentlman Shen hits her it can be considered a love pat. Dumb women make all of us ladies look stupid.

  3. I mena that btch just sent her younger sister to insult her. what humiliations is she talking about? Someone kill her. Yes, just kill her the FL is allowing too many people survive. This is the cultivation world. IF this were a ML, he would have killed them all long time ago. I don’t like the same drama with the same dumb people. Just kill that BTCH!!!!! KILL HER!!!!! she is too arrogant for her own good!

    btw thanks for the updates.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the comments!!!

    And what’s a cliffhanger 😭 can’t wait for the fight! I live seeing Shen and ling together 🥰

  5. Is it just me or will this sister end up being one of those who gets beaten in a match by this guy and still make heart eyes at him while lieing ragged on the ground? Why are all the villains in this one either lovesick puppies in love with either the conniving witch Chuoming or the ML OR they are like conniving witch Chuoming and play underhanded tricks that never work and blame everything on the FL?

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