Pupillary Master Chapter 11.2

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  1. man all I wrote is gone by a misclick sigh.

    Like I wa going to say, that grandpa is smart. He knows his descendants have something to do with the disappearance of his granddaughter. He should tell her and his sons that he will disown her and will kick her out. If any of her parents dare to help her, protect her, or try to convince him from his decisions, he will cut and erase her from her name from the family tree :P.

    To let her know that her well-being depends on how fortunate her “dear”c ousin/his doting grandchild. Let her taste that bitter realization that no matter what she will never be better than the FL. Come on author please! I know you know that we all know that the grandpa knows his children and now grandchildren are killing his favorite and better child and grandchild. XD

  2. *rubs hands together*
    Time for some bitch-slapping
    BTW bitch slapping is an addiction that only gets better (or worse)
    Thnx leaf ‘n team

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