Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 150.3

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  1. First of all I don’t get it if Sangran was like that already why the heck was she still treated like she was so weak back then?? She looked so weak and even let the girls treated her badly and now she is all of the sudden strong and etc. especially after MC helped her but yet stabbed her back. I just wonder if she was already like that, it was all an act, or something made her change that way. I don’t like her because the MC was kind enough to help her yet she stabbed her back and made the people she care betrayed her which must felt really awful. But beside that I can’t wait for MC comeback against her and her revenge including what she going to do!

    1. in one of the chapters, she talked abt her whole plan in erasing her memories and cultivation or something to carry her plan out and pretend to act weak and defenseless

      1. But why would someone erase their memories just to do that? It doesn’t make sense. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  2. i really want to see that b*tch to suffer and die. i don’t think coffin face should given second chance although he is protecting his so call “family” who don’t know if they will protect coffin face back. they are always hurt our FL and they always get cover from coffin face. im hurt to see our FL who protect and save coffin face behind but always betrayed. may be he deserve to be forgiven but he can’t stand beside our FL!! please get your revenge and rebirth your teacher and gather all your comrades who appreciate, love and back you up. just be happy!!!
    can’t wait for next update!! it’s killing me to wait!

  3. While a part of me hates coffin face for his choices (and I get the people he’s willing to save are the closest he’s considered as family), I honestly don’t mind if she just forget about him. He can have the fact that she understood why he did it, but he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness when she already did so much for him like saving his life. Plus, Moge would just pointlessly get a little bit jealous. Thunder Roots though, while he was also in a difficult position at the time (if I remember it right, blue b*tch threatened him with his clan members) but I understand her point of getting much angrier with him since in his case, the wound of betrayal at the time was just fresh (she just lost Master Fluffy and despite his intention of wanting to bring her on his sect and eventually being forced to let her go no thanks to his own clansmen, she lost her familiar afterwards) and she lost everything thanks to him indirectly helping the blue b*tch. Its unfair but their choices and abilities aside, they should like Coffin face thinks, just stick to their choice and live with the guilt of betraying one innocent person to save their “families”

    1. I don’t know about thunder root.. but coffin face should be given second chance… he was force to lie back then…and he did like MC..

      1. technically Thunder Roots was also forced to do what he did and he also loved the MC he wanted to go after her but was held back by his clansmen. I personally think she should just forget both of them. They both betrayed her. Coffin face also keeps trying to protect his master who keeps trying to torture and kill the FL so even more nope to him.

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