The Peerless Concubine Chapter 125.5

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  1. Love reading the comments. I’m getting annoyed with this never ending circle of insults. Ruge should post on a bulletin board the names & families of whom asses she kicked to shame them. Saying speak no evil or you’ll loose your tongue. Ok, I’m finally ready for some romance or sexual tension between the leads just to move this story along in a different direction.

  2. I get that the villains don’t have peas for brains but in a world where filial piety exists and the person strikes back at the person insulting their elder family member but not killing the idiot outright work against in their understanding? Like seriously!? Do they think that they are above humanity or are they not humans but gods? If that is so then why haven’t the other families that have powerful backing taken care of these dolts for the MC yet?

  3. Thanks for the update! Are these morons genuinely bored or have NOTHING to do with their lives than harass and steal Ruge’s stuff?

    Lady, you call that taking too far? YOUR SISTER insulted HER FAMILY? I MAY BE weak *ss IRL but you better not diss my mama and brother in front of me or I’d willingly break myself to at least land a few hits. Be grateful Ruge for some reason is still not killing the likes of you, you d*mn show offs!

  4. Two for the Price of One KickASS πŸ˜€
    I was beginning to miss it so much, it is a little repetitive every time, but still enjoyable.

  5. This has just gotten repetitive now. A new girl comes finds MC and wants to take either her stuff or show off in front of her. Next apparently they all seem to see the most handsome man in all their lives and want to meet and then proceed to annoy MC.

  6. the usual idiot smoking about going tooooooo far when his sister keeps trying to steal her pets, insult her & her parents

    you think hitting her a few times going toooo far? i don’t believe you won’t do anything when your parents are insulted!!

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