Above All Gods Chapter 70.5

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  1. This series is a bit underwhelming in the faceslapping department. The payoff never comes for these people and the story doesn’t seem to progress. I get the MC is OP but if the only thing he has to show for it is a couple of mob beatings then the story seems to drag for too long. At this stage you would expect these old farts to at least evaluate the MC as a threat even is they still underestimate him

    1. @f: The problem is the MC’s character. It seems like they’re having trouble involving him in his own story because they’re having trouble finding a way to give him an intrinsic motivation in his current setting. He’s literally only there because he wanted to hang low for a bit to recover and has been roped into his friend’s scheme. He’d just as soon leave that place and he cares very little for what’s actually happening in the story so far. Meanwhile, everyone else is scheming around him and actually driving the plot forward. The story will probably take off when the author finds a way to retain the character he designed while also getting him involved in the plot of his own volition.

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