Goddess Creation System Chapter 279.3

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  1. That Goddess Creation System (not the story itself, but the system in the story) can take a serious hike for all I care!
    That aside, I wonder who her target will be here.
    Unfortunately Xiaxi gets even more characterdepth, she’ll become too heavy a character (figuratively ofcourse) and then we might not like her anymore. Besides coming up with one good/great arc after another is not an easy thing, imo it is hard (but not impossible).
    Poor Venice.
    Thank You LEAF- + Team-sama for ALL the stories.

  2. I’m becoming less and less interested in this series honestly. It’s just the same stuff in a different place each time. Her character is becoming more boring. She was so interesting and calculating at the start. Even in love, I feel like she should still have some kind of edge to her. :/ I hope it picks up. And don’t get me wrong, I love Japan, so I’m gonna be really disappointed if this arc doesn’t do it justice. I consider Japan as my second home country.

  3. Just got up to date on a series called β€œA journey to the past” which is creepily similar to GCS. Also thanks team so much for the chapters!

    1. Strictly speaking the order of the arches are
      Volume 1: China
      * Problems in the general’s house
      * Intrigue in the imperial palace

      Volume 2: Egypt
      * Confusion in the desert
      * Ascension of the goddess

      Volume 3: (Not yet out)
      * Next Life
      * The name of the current arc is not yet known (In the chapter you are reading this)

  4. 5000 charm points for some clothes? The system is sure ripping her off. She could have just used her chinese clothes which are close enough.

  5. Oh yeah. Just when i finished with nioh. This come up.

    Hope fully timelessleaf withheld the chapter until it finished, then released all together.

    You see series with japanese plot, its hard to read and understand if you not read it from begining in one go few times.

    Well anyway thanks for the hardwork leaf. Hope fully the rumors about the new website is true..


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