Master of Gu Chapter 83

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  1. I need to understand something couldnt he just refuse the battle and do nothing and make fun of him for being too hard working since he cant do anything to him and he can still be destroyed by the MC

  2. . . . He had a Jade Skin Gu and thought he could win. Now he has a Moon Raiment Gu and thinks he can win. Always placing his hopes on his equipment instead of gitting gud.

  3. its funny how he now shows off “look i can now beat you” and thinks no one would be like “ok then i wont fight you” if he really could beat them.

  4. but he also never showed the younger dupe what was really going on. of course he can actually harvest more from him this way by beating him in a wager fight.

  5. The problem with this main character is obvious. His words don’t hold much water. He told younger one that their bond is no more – and long time ago. Why cannot he keep that in mind?

    1. well no matter what he is his younger brother, but we and everybody knows he is now legally his cousin. Out of habit he is calling him brother. I’m sure the MC is waiting for the right time to deal with the younger brother. He always use bad people and try to save /defend good people. I will never forget how to shield that little girl against her own father. He was gonna slap her to the next house instead of him being the one protecting her and asking to forgive the little incident of having her toy on the ground and him stepping on it.

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