Pupillary Master Chapter 8.3

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  1. Yayy the ML wasn´t the prince she is supposed to marry. Interesting how the prince who doesn´t even like his future consort would still insist on marrying her. Wonder how this will play out. Something tells me that out FL isn´t interested in marrying the guy and will try to get out of her engagement. Can´t wait for the next chapters… promising so far.

    Thank you for your hard work Leaf

    1. hmmm. that s how political marriages work? when a family has something another family or person want, they will look for ways to attach themselves that is much greater than a simple alliance because that can be broken.

      Back the marriages were futile. Only men were allowed to divorced and send the wife to a monastery or be shamed in her hometown. ;). I’m pretty sure the prince and/or the royal males know something that her family has and she inherited but because women were not considered useful they were not counted and told what happened. The younger the female was the more they treated them as dolls. The older they got the more they were finally able to get involve cuz “age bring only experience” of course they got to show they were cunning otherwise they will be just dolls.

      I’m sure it has something to do with her mother’s disappearing to seclusion.

    argh….look at the snot coming out of its nose, I really hate him.

    thanks, timeless leaf. I like this story more and more XD

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