Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 161.4

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  1. not birth mother but real mother? what? and her snake goes through her clothing the last she is shown the left arm like its a 2d snake.

  2. Oh wow! So.., LianYi birth mother turned to a snake..? And yes, she’s mean & not nice to BeiYue. But the way LianYi defending BeiYue.., so touching…
    Yeah, you go man! Fight for your love!
    Wonder when MoLian will show up? Didn’t he made his way in already? Guess he’ll fight the other snake woman first, what was her name again? Meiyang was it?

    Well, so happy to see this update…
    Thank you so much Leaf and Team…

  3. 😐wtf!!!!I was so excited to see a good fight between the queen and beiyue…cant believe she is his mother😕anyway…

    Thanks a bunch stephii😍❤

    1. I said its likely the queen is hia mother. I mean think about it, the throne goes to the royal family, he is a prince in line for the throne. So unless he married his sister, it made sense the queen was a queen dowger and he the king is the son

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