Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 161.2

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  1. Is Queen Yin his mother? Or a Queen from Shura City? He obviously does not have a queen yet.
    If it’s his mother, then I bet she hates BeiYue…otherwise, why would she trap him in an array to break his connection to her, right?! 🤔
    It looks like the snakey lady is about to take on MoLian! I hope he fries her a$$! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. 😍thanks everyone

    🤔🙁😤😂man!!!no matter how hard I try,cant stop my laughter…Ali?really?why this name?(I mean no offense)

  3. Who the hell is Meiyang? Is she a snake? I thought I saw a snake tail behind her. Gosh, she looks so mean and fierce.

    I think MoLian already make his way in as well.
    WOW! Are they three (LianYi-BeiYue-MoLian) gonna meet up together??
    #wondering & excited

    And, uh-oh… the “queen” has arrived.
    Wonder how is she looks like? Will she be mean to BeiYue because LianYi took a fancy on her? Or, will the “queen” be nice to BeiYue and let LianYi go with BeiYue?
    Ugh, so can’t wait for the next updates…

    Thank you Stephii, for all your hardworking…
    And thank you Leaf for releasing this…
    God Bless You all…

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