Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 264

Uncategorized / Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Busy busy days XD Not getting back to emails as quick as I usually do sorry XD



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  1. Omg, she’s got her fingers in deeper into this pie than I thought, not going to lie. I figured she maybe liked flirting with guys and since she’s royalty and married once could get away with it, but used him to run interference with evidence from the archers incident and spur of the moment got married to try to get steel! I didn’t expect she was the new JinYuan puppet master. Also, I expect that land is worth more to QianZhou that3rd prince knows. If he succeeded (I assume he won’t, stories usually follow the winner, except game of thrones… that follows anyone who’s about to die and it gets old fast) I suspect QianZhou would have invaded and taken over DaShun in 5-10 years based on the money they could save using that land instead of relying as heavily on DaShun.

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