Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 264.5

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  1. problem is her space is a profound cheat which breaks everything when she almost never uses it. if you can hide in an extradimensional space, you can scrw ppl completely in so many ways. you can pretend to be a ghost haunting them. you can put laxatives in their food every day. you can do almost anything. you can incriminate them. it breaks the story.

    1. If you lived your whole life in the cheat space, you might as well be dead. What’s the use of being a super powered hermit? Every good hero has to keep up with appearances for their alias. She already felt like a freak when her fiancé found out she has some storage sleeve/high tech medicines thing going on, I doubt she wants to ghost around DaShun giving people diarrhea (there are more creative and fun methods anyways).

      Just take this series as a very good blend of isekai with ‘god cheat’ and Chinese reincarnation series. They are slightly different, but this one feels nice because it explores a more subtle technique to the usual all powerful cheat style. They sometimes gets boring after 12 chapters because the authors don’t know where to go after their MC meets/beats a god by chapter 8. It is op, but it has very real limitations that we are just figuring out by 264. I hope this series hits 1000 chapters, I’d gladly keep reading because I find myself often wanting more content and this one provides. Once they find its limitations, the ability will seem less cheaty and she will face harder opponents for sure.

  2. if she only killed the proince and not the woman, they could not rebel if nothing happend to her. rather, she was the only one there when the prince mysterious died right next to her? then who else could be blamed for killing him! could even make her think a ghost did it and scare her. or at least distracther with a sound then have her look back to see him dead. but i like the idea of just appear right out of nowhere wearing a horrid mask and bring an ax down on his head rihght in front of her and then dissappear. she would be terrified and would be the only one to blame. what would she say? a ghost appeared out of nowhere with an axe? she would be responsible for the death of the prince! could even terrify her in her bedroom at night, make her a total slave!

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