The Peerless Concubine Chapter 124.5

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  1. Yeah.. i got lil impatient waithing they all wipe out..
    I hope the author have anice plot, better than all retarded ppl popping here and there endlessly..

  2. cant ruge juz put them to death already 100 smthing episode but the villain still the same..she giving them face slap then they scheming again n again 3x..i had enough..gona dropping this soon..

  3. I just feal like this story is only runing in circles always the same over and over again too bad cose started good but so far it repets its self

  4. Why is this story full of idiots who think they are entitled to take Ruge´s things? I just bet that if the ML shows up near Ruge, then the sister who seems to still have some manners will turn out to be just as bad as her sister and Chuoming.

  5. Honestly, the series isn’t terrible but even I’m getting tired with the repeated formula. Like, can’t these people leave her alone to cultivate in peace? I mean, other than the 3rd brother, these th*ts are just UNBEARABLY BORING for coming back to get their *sses kicked over and over. I WANT Ruge to kill people but I assume the author has a reason not to at this time

  6. Author enough its Time for Ling Roge too start killing people to get more respect and might get people to leave her alone for awhile.

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