Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 149.3

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  1. truee dont wait another 100 years. just wait for the next chap!!

    ah so lovely!! this kind of event made me happy~

    thank you leaf and big red, FQCL season 2 is here because of you two too guys!

  2. @Viocielle yeah already saw that Yan MoGe was never going to leave Xiao Wan in the first place. They are inseparable 🥰

  3. Finally, my Dreams come true. Then MC will meet Xiaolan, the another old friends ofe her, then she will take revenge of her anger, then she will always together with Yan Moge, Right? Isn’t right? Please tell me yess!!! Thanks a lot Big Red, again and again. FQCL season 2 begin cuz you 🎉🎉, and thanks to all timelessleaf

  4. “xiaolin; absorb these pills now. no need to wait for one hundred, nor twenty years. just wait for the next chapter….”

  5. Slowly but surely, our old crew is coming back! I was hoping for Master Fluffy to be first but I guess they’re saving him last. I JUST MISS HIM SO MUCH!

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