Pupillary Master Chapter 3.5

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  1. “Just because im blind, dont think I cant see your mouth moving!”
    Yeah i think that is what it means to be blind…

  2. God, what is it with all the dumb/ugly af “divine” beasts…

    It’s getting worse every time. Next thing you know we’ll have a “Divine” Turd.

  3. please… why do these cultivation stories always have to have some divine pet?? and why do they have to be so infuriatingly hideous?? the only decent pet is that one turtle in above all gods 🙁

  4. Um… I know cultivating is usually part of the journey, but… is it bad that I think it’s a refreshing change for MC to have recovered her cultivation from the get go? =v=;;;

    1. it remind me to the ghostly doctor but making the MC into an actual male in this series xD…….I think the eyes color have something to do with her sight. In a way to make her be herself and part of the mystery of who she is… maybe she was her ancestor hmmmmm. kind of like the movie loophole.

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