Perfect Match? No Thanks! – Chapter 5.3

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11 Replies to “Perfect Match? No Thanks! – Chapter 5.3”

  1. “I hate the system of being tied to one person by destiny! Let me choose my own lover! Anyway, go marry one specific man or you’re going to be cursed and die.”

    Ah, consistency.

  2. I already like him SO MUCH better!! Can he be her love interest, please?! 🥺 And, I love her character when the queen does not interfere!

  3. they seemed lovey-dovey, but its ok compared to that stinking prince… (*evil laughs*) 😂😂😂😂

    thank you pls update more! 😇😘

  4. please please please be the male lead nikolas can go die and that stupid other soul body predecessor dumb goat

  5. Godess of love… the one chosen person…
    Is that Goddess stiupid or what?!
    I mean where is the freedom to chose, and love?
    And what with all that nobles (forget the nobles, people r stiupid that I can believe)
    But Goddes comone that whole gift of choses person is stupid.

    Thx for chapter.

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