Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 147.8

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  1. You know what would make this messed up? Let’s say this turns into vampire knight and it turns out that Yan MoGe is her ancestor. That would be horrible😂.

  2. is mxsd oblivionated? i wonder how many manhuas will end because of the plague?

    “yay its the year of the rat! why do we get plague?” the year all the manhuas died and none ever made again.

  3. Xiaowan is basically aknowledging she had a thing for her teacher but that her feelings changed now. I like that even if she understood the sect people situation she still didn’t really forgive them. And since the blue haired bitch seems to want to go for her she can get her revenge then.

    Now can we get an outfit change author please

  4. @xphoenixx
    Its already fine for her to understand their situation. Yes, both guys were threatened with their sect members(as for @Apri, remember his own men/sect members prevented him from saving/taking her before)/master and she understands that. Its good enough and I get it. Still irks me that that’s all they could truly do.

    Well, at least we have hope now. And in the end, she ended up with the one guy NO ONE from the fandom is against her ending with

  5. and tbh i want to know how baili doing now.. and if he like her why i dont see some effort from him to search her?

    ofcourse i want fluffy comeback to live and live happily with our MC and his future husband haha and all of them reunited. what a great feeling.. thanks for the updates!!

  6. @Hypothon I’m with you all the way. To be honest I was a bit bummed when she got betrayed by Thunder roots and Coffin Face but screw them! As long as she’s got Yan Moge, it’s all good. And it looks like he’s not gonna give her up either! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  7. You mean, our lovable crew CAN and WILL come back? Oh yes! Please let it happen! Master Fluffy needs to come back so that our girl can have a father figure in her wedding with Moge! Plus, Master Fluffy is such a looker himself! Radish too! His loyalty has been rewarded. Now bring back our green bird as well and everyone else can just f*ck off and let our adorable couple and their family live in peace (with little trainings on the side just so that their lives won’t be boring)

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