Perfect Match? No Thanks! – Chapter 3.3

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  1. I was liking the story till the sudden kiss. Once she kissed, it all became the same crappy shit. This is so damn cliché!! SAME OLD GIRL LOVES THE GUY AND THE GUY HAD SOME PAST ISSUES BUT ULTIMATELY OVERCOMES IT AND FALLS FOR THE GIRL. At least can the authors try and make something different where the girl is not interested and is totally ignoring the prince when everyone is falling left and right for him? No but it had to be the same old shit. M done..I know how it will turn out. M not reading it! I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE GIRL NOT GIVING SHIT ABOUT THE PRINCE AND THE PRINCE FINDING IT AMUSING, BUT DAMN IT WAS SUCH A LET DOWN

    1. Are you sure you’re reading the same story we are? The ghost is obviously possessing her. I’m sure she’ll be absolutely livid when she gets use of her body back.

      1. @Impstar..Buddy are you sure your reading the same story as me??
        That is not a ghost! It is the soul fragments of that staff and in the first chap itself, it was said that the staff found its owner as in the soul fragments found it’s owner which is that girl, The FL!!
        In other words she is the same person as that girl. And she can possess her body because of the very same reason. And once she remembers her true self, it will be that same boring shit!! Like I said. A truly boring and cliché story!! A stubborn arrogant ML with past love issues and a FL who is the past lovers new self. If the FL doesn’t fall in love with the prince in next 20 chapters,I ll take back all my words. (I can bet this is what will happen, She will remember her love for him because of the soul fragments and fall for him before her birthday and and thus, become the true hope queen or something. but the guy feeling he is betraying his old love by falling for her will ignore her, abuse her, mistreat her but as usual Girl would be dumb as shit, and a masochist and take everything lying down as she is in love) Dude, I have read this crap enough times to write a story of my own…
        @darkwolf…I am with you dude!!

    2. exactly! the soul fragment of the previous princess is trying to take over the current selected woman that continue with the family curse. If the damn ghost truly loved him, she will say it and appear in front of him and jog his memory since it looks like they both knew each other but has NOTHING to do the current descendant. I bet the author is gonna come with the crap of “they are the same person! that soul fragment is just her memories and hasn’t regained all her memories, and more blah blah blah…” I say NO. Stop with that nonsense.

      I knew the prince was going to be this type of stubborn and arrogant. I got two probabilities and ended up being the one that most author goes for. Let the woman suffer all the abuse and mistreatment of the male protagonist for the sake of romance until the very end of a few encounters. Like bro, they hate each other but will make it that they can fall in love? that is cliché and is not real. It only works in fiction and is becoming old. I was hoping for more. A truly independent and strong female protagonist that will move forward and awe the male protagonists and make him suffer instead of the girl while watching her how she can fight others on her own.

  2. I think the confession was meant for her not him. He said that he was coming to give ‘her’ a warning. That girl had hearts and an a arrow hit her when the girl asked her to tell her how the school works.

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