Perfect Match? No Thanks! – Chapter 1.5 *NEW*

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End of chapter 1. Sorry everyone i’m just too sick, caught a flu hopefully not the sars one XD I need to head to bed and rest…



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  1. Ohk! Don’t hate me for this comment but if this woman is a very magically powerful then y can’t she use it to save her sister? And y can’t she heal her? Whats the use of magic if all she can do is display is like a show?

    1. NO!!! no!! na’ah don’t say another word! not gonna believe in that bull, no not gonna say anything about it, no not gonna think about it, and being ignorant as hell and just wish leaf to get well soon

  2. I REALLY hope she doesn’t forgive the prince and instead she lays the smackdown on his candy ass. If she does and also gets in a romanticized abusive relationship with him I’m dropping this.

  3. Whaaaaaaaaa ? She intended to go to the academy anyway. WHY blackmailing her by kidnapping her sister ? Doesn’t make any sense !

    1. You’re not wrong, but she was kind of on the edge about it, as the beginning of chapter 1.5 shows. He probably decided to do this because he wanted her in the academy and wasn’t willing to chance it.

      It might backfire on him though.

  4. Rest well leaf. It is better if you take some days off to recover. I had a cold in the beginning of the year and I went to work but it only went worse and i had pneumonia because i did not rest.
    I hope that you will recover soon.

    1. Ya it’s 100% the prince or one of his men he found her interesting in the last chapter.
      But I would have thought he would know that taking her sister will make her hate in instantly and hate is hard to turn into love, he should have sent her medicine as a gift and she would have looked favorably on him.

      1. This is, of course, assuming his goal is to make her fall in love with him (or at least gain her goodwill) which I’m not at all certain it is.

        1. The best way to deal with this situation (since she is this powerfull i mean) is to revenge by killing everyone in your way and force the prince to find her right !?

  5. thanks for the new manhua waiting for more after all its to interesting and at least it seem that the principal female lead is not some kind of reincarnated i thinks.
    and thanks as always for your countinuos updates

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