Perfect Match? No Thanks! – Chapter 1.4 *NEW*

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    1. It actually sounds fine lol. Get into some workplaces or schools where you need to keep up with certain requirements to get scholarships, financial aids, access to other things. If you talk to an advisor, counselor, or any other person in charge, you will ask if you got all the requirements to qualify into the program.

      I do hope they ONLY become best friends. I think their personality will clash with one another if they become romantically involve. As friends they do a great duo because they both wants to be leaders and have other responsibilities. One has a sister to take care of, the other doesn’t want to be cheated with a fake princess and wants to leader the kingdom on his own. His mannerism shows that he wants to be the only protagonist.

      Please author find a better person for those two people. As friends, they can raise the kingdom and be the most magical and advance kingdom.

      1. there’s 80% no maybe 90% chance that it’s not gonna happen. first reason “fate”, second “the strongest of them all shall have what they deserve and that’s another strong person”, third “the prince has taking a like for her”, fourth”lil’ sister future influence”, fifth “they have opposite hair and eyes color”…well i do prefer it if they just become a friend

      2. saying “am I qualified now” would work better than ‘do I qualify now’. but if you did want to say ‘do I qualified now’ the proper way would be to say ‘do I qualify now’

      3. It’s “Do I qualify now?”, so no it actually does sound wrong because it’s the wrong form of qualify.
        Not sure why you write an essay when you are wrong but hey, here we are.

    1. I feel the same. There’s definitely a thirst for that kind of story in the west as you can see in recent years’ western productions but no eastern author seems to care which is a shame.

  1. The girl is fine but the prince seems to be the usual “I’m so genius that I’m bored but this girl is interesting so I’m gonna harass her but it’s gonna be fine because I’m handsome”. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Hilarious intro! Well, so far she stayed true to her ideals. Only wants the free stuff ESPECIALLY the free treatment to her sister. We have a siscon folks! She’s mentioned her sister’s importance a few times (better be an angel and not some green tea b*tch). And what’s this? She’s already wiped the floor of b*tch who tied her up and attempted to take her place! Good job for destroying her and the trope author! AND the ML is now HIGHLY interested with her, now boi show me how you seduce the siscon?

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