Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 255.5

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  1. The art has changed a lot since the beginning and I honestly haven’t minded it much but there’s just something really off/wrong about Yuwang’s face here. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t appeared for a while so the change is more drastic?

    1. Umm yuwang hadn.t appeared for a long time, and you will notice that the art style changed drastically after he finally made an appearance during the fireworks in whatever chapter that was TTvTT

      Tbh i prefer the old art, but this is also the way the artist is taking it, and i still love the story either way QuQ

    2. I totally agree, throughout the series the art style continued to change and shift. I personally prefer the art style from the first couple of chapters, but it seems that the illustrator changed it up to save more time considering how quickly they’re releasing each chapter.

      1. It’s not even that though. You can see how the whole art style has changed, especially if you go back and read everything over again.

  2. 9th prince will throw hands with anyone, even old ladies, if they upset his Hengheng and I love it! Let the fun begin!

    Thanks for the update!

  3. Yayyyy…. doing a happy dance…. The 9th prince is here XD
    let the party begin. Lets see if the new main mother can handle what the 9th prince and Aheng dish out 🙂 Finally!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Leaf and co for this chapter !!!!!

  4. Yay! Finally!! The 9th prince came.
    Wanna see what he’s gonna do next to rujia and to the new mother.
    Ugh, so can’t wait for the next updates..

    Thank you for the updates, Leaf and Team.

    1. she has ulterior motives, I believe one of them is the iron/steel the county will forge for dashun that she wants to take back to her country, the other haven’t been revealed yet but it’s been shown that their intentions on being in good terms with the county and the whole family are not genuine.

      1. Something makes me think that it is related to either 3rd prince or the military guy who once proposed to Aheng and got turned down…. maybe

    2. She is the third prince ally. She was here to put pressure on the country, to psy her and by the way to snatch the steel making technic.
      You will inderstand her motives better after. Now, she did not show her true colors yet so county seems mean as she is taking preventive mesures.

  5. i just want him to ask for exact quotation and all specifics because thats doom for the one who raised her. maybe she doesnt deserve doom but the opening is big.

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