Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 146.8

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  1. It’s not sangran it’s a reincarnation of the evil girl that wanted the mirror from the boy who owns the scarlet blade(forgot the name of him) but anyways thx for updating leaf-sama~ uwu

      1. Do you remember the Blue haired empress?
        The one where we got to see Mo Ge and the Birdy master of that palace?
        You know the woman who made Mo Ge’s Apprentice(?) commit suicide to not implicate Mo Ge?
        I think it’s around 140-ish

    1. No, the fake trash empress (original blue haired sleazebag) wanted to know the secret behind, Yan Moge’s cultivation art of chaos. She used pingqi, (I think that was his name) to try & get it out of Yan Moge…but bit off more then she could chew & got herself & about 80% of her sect rekt! The dregs in the mountains lived on, to ruin more lives and pollute the world with their blue hair & black souls! 😷

  2. I want to know why sangrangn did this when in past chapters she was also taking revenge on mc but i didn’t understand why was she angry against mc

    1. Sangran is angry at the Mc and want to take revenge against her because fluffy (sorry I don’t remember his real name) did not accept her as his disciple because of the Mc (he had promised not to take in any other disciple other than the Mc)

  3. Can anyone tell me how can i get updates everytime leaf sama posted a new one? I am following this on, Peerlezs concubine and Feng Ni Tian Xia. And I am always late. Freaking out to see updates. Right now, i juzt bookmarked it but I really want notification directly on my device.

  4. why cant she just take revenge on sangran already if someone did thatz to me and i wa this powerful i would have taken revenge a long i gotta be honest this is very intresting but the lack of updates kinda upsets me so maybe il be dropping

    1. Our Mc gived her a weapon that can destroy any power ,leaving them weak and unarmed.Also, Our Mc can’t kill….I mean she realy don’t have what’s take to kill someone and what’s make this funny is that Our MC have enough influence to wipe out that “ungrateful” with these idiots.

      1. Uh, she totally can kill. She killed that vampire/soul stealing bastard back in the tournament style fights she had before getting to the demon world. Yes it’s only one example, but that wasn’t even personal, she was just that disgusted with him. I think she won’t have a problem killing Sangran assuming nothing gets in the way. I believe the only thing that saved Sangran’s life was that she wasn’t present at the moment.

    2. Sorry to hear that you might be dropping the series as we’re almost caught up to where they update it I believe once a week. I really love the art style and colour scheme that they use for this and it’s been a nice mixture of both funny and serious story lines.

  5. OMG. Such smart heroine <3 Loving every update of this story. Thanks to Big Red, Leaf, and the whole team. 🙂 You guys are awesome

  6. Ooh afterall she just pretend that she doesn’t know anything. Good girl. Duh thank you again and again Big Red and timelessleaf team.

    1. It’s letting me post again!!! My pleasure as always and I really enjoy reading everyones comments and folks guessing as to where the story is going to go. I’m quite looking forward to seeing what the next arc will bring to our MC myself and was super glad that 1) he didn’t betray my trust in him as nothing in the past made me think he’d go against her intentionally and 2) she was smart enough to realize what he was doing and why instead of continuing on with the angry/hurt feelings and will honour his decision even though it sounds like she doesn’t agree with it. I have a feeling these two will cross paths again in the future.

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