Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 254

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When can Friday come!!



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  1. Little did we know, the first 250 chapters weren’t anything but backstory as YuHeng tuned the horrible instrument known as the Feng family (they’re like a piccolo or bagpipes, something nobody actually wants to listen to for very long) and now she can play them as masterfully as a lvl 20 bard in D&D who just whipped out her ‘lucky d20’ and is ready to prove to everyone that a few words and little physical violence is often better at changing the world than all out rebellious war (I did say little, not none lol).

  2. Woah, quite sly of Aheng, she probably guessed that the feng idiot was feeling too awkward to go to his new wife, even during their wedding night.
    Thanks for the update!

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