Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 254.5

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  1. Got to admit, Kangyi is very good at, erm, kissing a certain part. I guess she knew for a long time now, that the stupid granny is so easy to manipulate. Again, I shouldn’t say (write) this, but I can’t wait for that old waste to kick the bucket already.
    Thanks for the chapter, and the hard work! God bless you all!

    1. They do remind people often in the book that Kang Yi was the one to help her brother get the throne (her brother is the ruler of Qian Zhou) so yeah, she’s really good at playing the game…ah well, that just makes it when A-Heng goes after her that much sweeter! 🙂
      As for Rujia, she’s just a spoiled brat. They made a really big mistake bringing her along. While her being cute to the Emperor got them to get those tribute fabrics back, she’s just a liability otherwise.

  2. While the princess is definitely very manipulative, she’s not flat out evil or psychotic like we’re used to seeing. (her daughter on the otherhand…)

    1. Oh sweetie, you’ll be agreeing very soon with the rest of us why A-Heng should be treating Kangyi like how the US treated Nagasaka and Hiroshima

    2. You should never doubt Feng Yu Heng first impression on someone. It’s not a baseless accusations or just a simple woman sixth sense kind of thing…
      You have to remember, that like XT Ming or XT Hua, they’re all basically military basis, and quite talented and extraordinary. They’re accustomed to have a quick reading and understanding on someone’s personality and intention from the first encounter and very good at seeing beyond what other people’s showed.
      And, in this case, later, it is proved that this Kang Yi has been colluding with Third Prince and PM Feng, and even guilty in harming XT Ming at the Northwest region causing him to injured his leg. And even more, planning to help Qian Zhou rebel against Da Shun.
      So yeah, this snake of a woman deserve every bit of injustice been thrown at her.

      On the other hand, Ru Jia? She’s nothing but a spoiled little brat, whom Feng Yu Heng not worth paying attention to.

    1. Yeah, I hate that greedy granny too.
      Me too.., wanna see the 9th prince in action with aheng (to punish that arrogant rujia would be good to see 😜).

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