Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 82.5

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  1. I read this part again just to torture myself.
    Don’t get me wrong, I still love Yun Heng the best but just when I finally relent to let Lord City Bian as her 2nd husband besides Yun Heng, He got taken off the list as quick as I put him on the list.

    How depressing. He was such a great man too. Sexy, kind and willing to die for her. MC is just too stupid. 🙁

    I don’t hate the priest now but I still dislike him for MC. Tbh I prefer you either end it with Yun Heng or Lord City.

    Are you going to make her ended up with her husband again? I would hate that. *sigh*

  2. Yea, the MC is dumb. She could have married linsheng to save him, but she didn’t want to. But now, no way! Bleh! He’s the reason the reason Jiangting was poisoned! Linsheng went all stalker psycho mode to force her to marry him. Yunghen is the only one left unless xintu can redeem himself.

  3. Sorry but is MC retarded?
    I mean, she gives him that poison so he stops loving her, watches him agonise for three days in a row and all that “for the best” and yet she cries and seeks for his love again.

    Girl, are you disabled? I mean, giving an irreversible-effect medicine is not something you take lightly.

    Sorry MC but you get what you deserve for being an idiot.

    1. yes, finally I see another person with common sense. If things continue as before, her previous life will repeat again. She should reject to be the lord city. She was a “strong” and experienced woman before. She was the lord city, she got the pries of “forgot the name of the deity”, she got her “brother”/guardian with her and still went down!

      Right now, Lishang is the only one that can change her destiny because in her previous life, he was not part of his life, but in this time we see him in her life and was able to protect her and even made the guardian a godchild.

      Please author!!! make the MC smarter and being a stupid teenager throwing a tantrum. She is woman MAKE HER BEHAVE AS ONE!!! X_X

      She might be “a maiden and innocent” but just physically because mentally speaking, she already got the memories or her doomed previous life.

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