Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 38.5

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  1. I get that those cultivator are “harsh” worlds but this isnt harsh/ruthless but crazy murderhobo lvl

    even if she had grudges it was done poorly by the artist, I cant remember seeing that guy before. is he an evil mastermind? then show us, or show me atleast that she knows and how she knows that

    all I could infer from this chapter was someone insulted her / stole her restaurant seat and she gave him deadly/crippling posion for that oO

    girl be crazy xD

    1. No, that guy was bullying their family and business because his uncle wont give him any benefit/ discounts,ig. That’s why they cannot sell their iron ore to the alchemist society as of told.

  2. I think the old master huang deserved it

    thanks to myself that i choose this manhua to spent my time with..

    thank for the updates btw

  3. so do I get this right. because of some petty insults and having to vacate a seat she decided to give a guy she never saw before a deadly posion and now he needs to be castrated / amputated if he wants to live?

    this girl is an absolute psychopath

    if it had been some itch powder/ rash as it seemed to be at first, oke thats childish but not crazy

    but this? what a psychopath

    1. Maybe a psychopath in our standard but you must remember that the story is set in a very cruel world wherein killing doesn’t have to be justified. Just think of it as a world of psychos. 😉

    2. The people from that district, if I remember correctly, is trying to prevent her family to make business there. You can see them how they are snobs. We don’t know the other friends to that leader and lackeys.

      I mean she was itching to get an excuse to play make them pay. If they can’t expand the business and trade as merchants, their family and servants won’t have food to continue nor they will have materials to increase their martial art levels…… and like someone said, one of the people from the district is working with the family foe who tried to kill the clan leader aka grandparent.

    3. this is a second adaptation of the actual written work. In the first one the guy isn´t this bad off, he is also pictured as someone older. The first one was stopped tho for some reason. The name was something like miracle girl abandoned doctor or something along those lines. The firstone helped also me to fill in some gaps in this storyline. I prefer the artwork on this version better tho, so I´m glad someone picked it up and Leaf team keeps the chapters coming.
      As for the cruelty… this is a story and things were different in the times the story takes place in. Also the guy is a pathological bully (tho that was found out later)

    4. Truthfully the LN and the first adaptation shows that the poisoned guy will just feel itchy for 3-4 months but this new one is weird an itch changing to off-with-his-nether-regions. =_=

  4. tyvm for the update!!! it is a remake not a reboot,there is already a manhua that has the same story but was dropped. i hope this one will be continued

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