Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 36.4

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  1. Atleast this is better than Beauty of the Century. I’d just like to think that age gap is a bit different in their world than in the normal world since most of them live more than hundreds of years because of cultivation. So a mere 20 or 10 year gap is not much. At least that’s how I’d like to think about it.

  2. Is this the same pedo or is he another pedo? Because they look too old for that poor girl. Seems like the cousin is the only young man decent enough to not look at a 13 yo girl like that.

    1. Same guy but he has 2 souls in him not completely mutually exclusive. Hes only a few years older than her I believe. 16 or 17. They have a connection to each other that doesn’t come out until much much later in the story.

  3. Seriously!!!! No one has suspected that this is planned and he is indeed that masked man trying to get close to her with his another identity, in previous chapters he did plan to get her to this mountain.

    1. If I remember correctly he didnt lure her and this is his 1st time meeting her. The him in the cave is another soul that lives inside him and he doesn’t know what happens when he takes control.

    2. He did not lure her. He does’nt even know what the other soul (masked guy) do with his body when he is awake.
      In the beginning of the story he is only 16 when she is 13. And remember that girls in her era marry from 14 and a 20 years old girl is considered very old to marry

  4. 2nd ML? I have trouble believing this is the same perverted badass 1st ML unless he’s just REALLY3x a good actor and would even endanger his life

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