Goddess Creation System Chapter 269.5

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5 Replies to “Goddess Creation System Chapter 269.5”

  1. Is the system stupid or what? Why do it need to limit the player move when the end goal is the same anyway? I mean, it’s not a f***ing beginner level when everything must be guided. Didn’t it remember that it has also acknowledged the player’s ability is high and choose the level accordingly? I feel like someone suspicious is manually controlling the system for some fishy goals 😠

  2. bogus system makes her kill this redeemed vampire, sure, but lets the two misogynist murderer brothers go? :/ multiple arcs later and i’m still not over that.
    ty for the chapter.

  3. I guess the moral of this story is that if you’re pretty and say what people want to hear then you can get them to do anything.

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