Ugly Woman’s Harem Code Chapter 79.5

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  1. I could blame Lishang here… But I’d rather blame the FL’s massive indecision regarding fucking everything. She started off such a badass and for a while now she is just…pathetic? Certainly immensely frustrating and inconsistent. I also do find her stance on monogamy odd in this series, given how the dynamics are in this world. She would rather put her lover at risk on multiple occasions than even consider taking on another husband, someone she even has feelings for. It’s been stated many times that it is commonplace that women take multiple husbands. Yet she believed it was divine punishment that red haired dude was poisoned because she also has feelings for Lishang. Why? That’s clearly not a belief in this world. So where does that come from? It’s so odd.

    Also, him just suddenly being poisoned. Like, dude was napping and suddenly he’s outside, collapsed and poisoned…I thought a chapter was missing. So confusing and jarring. And where are the others? Wut

  2. Okayyy this is escalating too fast! I dont know what to feel, i dont care anymore who will end up with her, I just want her to be strong again and some character development. 😔

  3. The story excalates too fast, at a one time Jingtian was talking to Yunheng and one minute after, he suddenly was poisoned. I mean, where was Yunheng? I want the stories of Yunheng more, about his answer or what does he think. But now that Lishang got his trick done successfully, I’ll openly say I ship him with MC. Sorry people.

  4. I wonder who she’s going to end up with? Cause I’m shipping Bo Xingtu and Yunsheng. I don’t like the other men at all.

  5. I’m getting sick of the drama. My first impression of the heroine was a badass female lead who got betrayed by her husband and vowed not to make the same mistakes once back in the past. I expected a stronger woman but she just became too dependent. I NEED character development.

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