Above All Gods Chapter 54.5

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  1. he should learn to make wagers that totally rip the unfortunate other.

    also, in that regard: “which part of you is worthy…” i mean she asked for it.

  2. This master surely is annoying, but if i can say, the girl isn’t better than her.
    All this misunderstanding was born from a lie she said before to ward off a guy who bothered her, but all of this is causing problems for MC and I don’t think she is committed to solving the situation, if not trying to tell the truth to her annoying teacher (who don’t believe her) and her friend/sister; so she’s taking full advantage of this situation for her benefit.
    Surely can’t say i like this type of forced relationship and the girl is quite plain compared to her friend or the girl from the treasure’s cave, but feel the author wants give this character an important part in the story. I hope not.

    1. maybe if they would dra.w more than half her face it would help? most people have no.se, for one. i kinda like her if they would get her a little less clueless but that is part of the designed fun? i think the idea is she has been bu.llied by her teac.her into this mental state and nothing has brought her out yet, so she is only starting to oppose it in small bits. (THIS COMMENT SHOULD NOT BE BEING BLOCKED.)

    2. Uhh… I don’t know if you are the real leaf or not, but Ou Yang is definitely not “taking full advantage of this situation for her benefit”. She asked her auntie, senior sister, master, etc. for help to resolve the problem she caused for the MC. None of it took.

      In addition, the main issue now is no longer drama caused by her lie, but the fact that he is helping his old friend to take over the sect.

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