Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 145.8

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  1. We can tell he’s saying this all under duress but cmon… even Thunder Roots betrayed her coz Sanran black mailed him. Only Yan Moge is on her side. Well I guess Coffin face’s little bro as well. Still sad that his little bro would’ve stood up for her but not coffin face. I say reveal that you are the leader of that divine place and brick everyone!

  2. Wow and here I thought that coffin face was going down the path of righteousness like his brother said he was but it seems he may have picked the side of evil… Unless he’s being forced to say all this and if that’s the case then what does sangran have over him?


  4. Ugh I really wish Yan Moge could just come back and put the poison back on coffin face since he helped remove it
    Then he’ll know who to thank for his survival.

  5. that hurts, to be betrayed by those she trusted the most
    I’m so angry, why did he protect her? that doesn’t make any sense
    just destroy them, they don’t deserve to be alive
    Thx for the update~

  6. Omfg… Is Senior Han being controlled by something? We don’t know, but the whole sect is getting on my fck nerves. Why the fuck would she even bother to frame that bitch when everybody in that sect combined doesn’t even amount to an ant under her feet…

  7. I thought Senior Han will like her based on the past…
    But, I was wrong! Why is Xiao Wan’s life miserable in that sect?!
    It’s unfair!
    But… In any ways… She got Yan Moge in her side!

    Thank you so much Big Red and Leaf!!!
    Domo Arigatogozaimasu!!!

  8. Big Red, Big Red .. oooh Big Red
    Thank you so muucchh. Without you, I don’t know what’s going to happen in this episode. And thank you guys.. for speculating so much that I’ve come to know and sort of understand why the SangRan is evil. I just wish nature or Ice or Wind or somekind could help MC record and replay the accident that happened to Mr. Pluffy as in the story of frozen 2 from the story of arandelle. Hahaha, if only brick could have turned into that. Oh my imagination 🤣🤣

    And Big Red thanks once again 😆 Keep hwaiting,spirit, ganbatte !! 😉 also thanks timelessleaf all team. Good work luhyaa

    1. Thanks for the….thanks! I alway love to see how others speculate the story will go as I’m always working on the next batch even as you get to read what we’ve finished.

  9. Just go back to calling him coffin face and who the hell is Baili, his name is thunder roots. Honestly just brick that entire sect to death, who cares if coffin face is being blackmailed he’s just trash.

  10. Sang Ran is possesed by the elder of the queen who possesed Yan Moge’s disiciple. Yan Moge killed the queen and destroyed her kingdom but the queens elder is still alive

      1. He’s talking about Sangran’s (PROBABLE) Ancestor.
        if you would kindly remember the chapter where Moge actually had a disciple before that died by suicide due to not wanting to be a burden to Moge.
        that ancient Empress.

  11. Sangran knows how to maniplate people through thier weaknesses. She probably used the brother to tie him down.

    That said, those mob characters can sure talk when she is strongee than elders in thier sect and her master was someone even all the sects including thiers were grobling.

    Though it woukd be a real funny if sangan is actaully good and all she does is for a reason. Maybe we reqlly did misunderstand? Lol

    1. Sangran did all of that because “it was unfair for her ” to be the only person to suffer while the others live a “happy life” and it is her right to take “what is right for her” and make them suffer to feel the way she felt, she considers others as the reason behind her suffering because they did not help her and because they were “lucky”. On the pretext: If you are born lucky, you are guilty.

  12. Alright this is enough. I lost all my hopes on these people. Like even if Sangran does come from a super big family and even if she is controlling your family. You wouldnt lie and frame the person who saved you.

    I have a little bit of hope for thunder roots but who knows what might happen.
    Anyways ive lost all hope in this sect except for maybe the brown haired girl who said she knows that Xiao wan didnt do it and sangran is the culprit but yeah.
    And these stupid students actually think that Xiaowan is JEALOUS of sangran being sect successor. This sect is literally NOTHING compared to xiao wan now. She can completely obiliterate the entire sect maybe not alone but with the help of white tiger and Yan Moge, it’ll be as easy as it can be.

  13. I know y’all are doing your best and I’m grateful for that buuut please update more Feng Qi Cang Lan please please please!! 😢😭

    1. ~smiles~ Don’t fret we’re doing our best to keep up with getting it done as quickly as we can as it comes out. Short of a power outage or my computer dying as long as I’m given the opportunity I’ll get them cleaned and typset for everyone.

  14. He is lying…may be there is some reason. How i wished that brick would actually slap her.
    In their sect no one knows about godly tool..how is that possible?
    I wonder whether godly weapon is stronger than that mirror. What do u think?

  15. Thank you for the updates BigRed, and team!

    I think its a real mistake for FL saving him in the first place… He is twisting the fact.. 😢 such ingrate bastard!

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