Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 155.3

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  1. I just find the fact that dongling hates yue funny. Because:
    1. If I remember correctly, she willingly sacrificed herself so that Beiyue would be able to survive.
    2. She always valued Beiyue’s life more than hers.
    So, she should be glad to see yue alive than hating her. I understand it if she was indeed betrayed. But she was not, and there was no point for her to feel that when she was the one who always kept saying “Don’t think about me, princess. You have to be safe.”

  2. judging from that comment she made it seems like dongling thinks she left her behind because she was a servant, i hope that this isnt the plot point and there is a better reason for her to be mad because she should know beiyue didnt just think of her as a maid.

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