Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 245.5

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  1. You really need to realise that our FL is no pushover. I have to say, u would believe those few words prime minister feng. U r underestimating our FL.Going against our FL is dangerous. Like very. Welp It’s not me asking for death at least. I am ligitimatly laughing at u right now prime minister feng. U r quite funny thinking about beating our FL. U too kagami. I will enjoy the exciting show our FL is gonna put on

  2. Sigh, don’t know what to say anymore. Greedy elder, bastard sond and father..just bring us the 9th prince sick to see more of those sparkly wrinkles or pouty wrinkles.. wrinkles on every chapter

  3. Right, so he found some reasons, pretty good ones, but we know most of this thoughts went through the crotch. Really, he’s making a waste just to get a harem, wrecking his ‘family’.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you all!

  4. Plot twist: she’s not actually a Princess. She’s worth nothing and they’re being scammed. (If only, I really want Aheng to crush that no good family of hers and that random woman as well.)

    1. I can tell you that it will be more funny than this. More more funny.
      And she is a princess. It is a fact. But they will be scammed and ruined because of this marriage

  5. Such a greedy woman, if her son was as greedy and idiotic like her, the Feng family would be in runs by now

    This man should focus on saving to repay aheng, instead of this princess, or he won’t have a home very soon 😂

    1. No can do. He’s a man. Brotherhood is very important. He should forsake everything & take care of his little brother 1st. Now that’s a true man! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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