Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 155.2

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  1. Hmmp! Dong’er you idiot, you weren’t abandoned. I enjoyed seeing you together with Beiyue before, so try to think things again. She would never abandon you.

  2. I’ve wondered why she hadn’t went back to find Dongling (or something) back then. I still do. Even if to find her body or taking revenge of that creature she should’ve go find her.

    1. She didn’t know the beast that took her was a coincidental while beast and HongLian was stepping in her way and actively chasing her for no other reason than to steal her companion beast babies and because she dared to not just roll over and let the brat take them and prevent her killing DongLing directly. Make no mistake, BeiYue saved her servants life that night, and they don’t make it clear but there was a few time skips that happened during her retreat when she was being chased and trying to circle around to find DongLing. She felt guilty assuming HongLian killed DongLing, or at least tortured her, but I think if BeiYue had stayed the bratty HongLian would have just kept hurting her and eventually gone after DongLing as a hostage. Honestly I don’t thing DongLing is actually upset at her, she was trained to be by the b*tch she works for now, because back then she would gladly have given her life for Princess Long and BeiYue. Ya’ll heard about Stockholm syndrome yeah? You begin to agree with your captor because they are all you see and you believe any passive or non aggressive behavior towards you is a kindness, because they’ve convinced you that you deserve worse. Notice she keeps repeating that the weak should die? I think she got beat by them a lot and they told her it was her masters fault for abandoning her.

  3. You all forgot that Dong lin (if I’m correct of her name) shows how human nature goes when they get abandoned or betrayed by their loved most. No matter what explanations or things you do it will always misunderstood. On the other hand our MC is the type who understand both views, rather getting mad she’s the type who will understand other views than getting ahead of herself. The story is so far good just explaining different side of their povs on how I understand each character so far.

  4. Dong’er I UNDERSTAND but u should at least remember/know what ur miss has gone through to get u to the place u are at right now. If it weren’t for the exhilars that ur miss got then do u really think u can train this fast and even survive this long. And forget about surpassing her, u weren’t even a summoner 5 years ago and u think u can beat someone that was regarded as a genius 5 years ago? And your miss has gotton way stronger over the 5 years. I’m afraid your gonna loose the challenge.

  5. Oyyy don’t slam Dongling. It’s not her fault, she lives in a world where the strong live and the weak die.
    I think she did her best with what she had and its not like she was doing the abandoning anyway talk about an “over powered MC troupe”
    I say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

  6. Goodness me… All these ppl bashing DongLing just cause she hates Beiyue atm…
    Tell me tho, you were together w someone you.ve known your entire life. You are loyal and have full faith in that person.
    One day while you were vulnerable, they had to ditch you. But you don.t know any of the circumstances.
    You were hurt while trying to defend them against enemies and felt that you could totally die.
    You probably waited for them, but had no idea if they were alive, if they Knew you were alive or if they knew you were waiting for them to come back.
    How long does one keep up blind faith? One without communication with the ppl concerned? How do you know that you were looking for each other but just missed each other by a few sec, mins, hrs or even by a hair.s breadth?
    Ppl nowadays get anxious waiting even just a few hrs for calls, texts or msgs. How much more for Dongling who felt alone and abandoned?

    Bruh, if this was a love story, Dongling.s friends would be saying, you were dumped! Just leave them! They a b*** xD
    Just saying, bcuz i dun think Dongling should be blamed for this. They do need to talk tho.

    1. Right! So you’re saying that we all shouldn’t blame DongLing for hating BeiYue? Even though DongLing judged BeiYue wrong and she hate BeiYue because of her own judgment? Where on the fact that BeiYue did the opposite of what DongLing thinks wrong about BeiYue?
      So then tell me where the “fairness” here?
      Yes, you can tell that the do need to talk.
      But does it mean that DongLing have the right to hate BeiYue when she doesn’t even know about the “real-truth” that happened back then?
      Come on…

  7. she already became a murderer. and she handed over her burden of humanity to a pile of crap because she was too weak for it, not strong. textbook failure. easy to call out. etc. plus a messed up soul like that would be easy prey for enemies using soul attacks, which is why they have this meeting….

  8. HOLD IT! You dumb idiot. Don’t you remember what happened. Beiyue was in a mess thanks to Honglian and yet she was trying to protect you. You idiot…she didn’t abondon you😡

  9. Lol you should’ve thank her for saving you. It was obvious she can’t win against Honglian back then, didn’t she know that?? How selfish.

  10. Ah.., there it is the answer…
    So.., DongLing did feel that she was abandoned.
    BeiYue did not abandoned you, dummy.
    She did try her best to save you until she got heavily injured that time.
    This all just a misunderstanding, and it’s all in your own head.
    You didn’t know what happened that day, yet you’ve judged BeiYue badly.
    Just what kind of servant you are? Where’s your loyalty? Have more faith in BeiYue, if you said you gonna be by her side no matter what. Didn’t you promised to BeiYue that?
    Ugh.., this misunderstanding… Poor BeiYue.

    Thank you Leaf & Team so much for the updates.
    So happy to read this updates, just hope you can update more often.

    1. along that line, BeiYue had five years to search for her, yet I believe the time-skip kinda implied that she didn’t.
      Also I suspect it was either brainwashing or the need to repay her savior that pushed Dong’er into taking that stance.

      I do hope that both of them will resolve this misunderstanding

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