Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 244

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Alright, super busy week…can’t put out as many series as i’d like :/



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  1. Yup the whole face thing… Even in today’s c-dramas, it’s all about “face”. My parents hold it with a lot of value too. I never did :p

    Life is just way better when you don’t care what others thing of you 😀

  2. taking your granddaughter’s allowance > paying up yourself, how cruel ;n;
    I get 2nd daughter giving all her things to grandma to stay in the feng family’s good graces/be more filial but it looks like that’s going to come back to bite her as the feng family is no safer :D;;

  3. actually, isnt that like destroying a national treasure? death penalty? owning is one thing, but they are now the family that destroyed it forever. the king should be doing a typical role on that.

  4. Hah, they can’t get the money, huehuehue XD
    Also, that annoying 4th daughter, she calls her mother by name? Quite the distance and disrespect. Well, trash family, so it’s normal for them, I guess. Time for the new wife to pay up, lol.
    Thanks for the hard work!

    1. I’m new to the genre so I’m not ENTIRELY sure, but I thought she has to? x’DDD ‘Hanshi’ isn’t her name, it’s her last name ‘Han’ plus the title ‘Shi’ which means wife in this context, I guess. All of the children have to call the Main Wife ‘Mother’ and every other wife (even their own birth mothers in the case of concubine’s children) is called by ‘Their maiden family name’ + ‘Shi’ (e.g. ‘Anshi’ [Xiangrong/3rd sister’s mother], ‘Yaoshi’ [Aheng’s mother – full maiden name ‘Yao Qian Rou]) Dunno why they still call Jin Zhen ‘Jin Zhen’ though – maybe so it won’t confuse the readers? x’DDD

      *Ahem*! This is just pure conjecture based on observation though – if anyone else has more insight, I’d love to be corrected! ^u^

      1. I see, I didn’t realize it’s not the actual name, but a title-sort-of-name kind of thing, something, somehow. Well, thanks for the explanation.

          1. Actually, what you said is correct. In ancient China, only the main wife can be adressed as mother by the children, while the concubines(aka side wives) should be adressed by their surname+title(actually its more of a suffix to show respect for elders)

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