Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 244.5

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    1. honestly, I feel like third miss hasn’t really been do anything. all she does is stand next to yuheng sometimes and not do anything while 7th brother has been helping 9th prince with a bunch of stuff. the third miss can’t even compare to the maids.

      thx leaf

  1. That whole family has a screw loose and no sense of self. They also have a bad habit of burning bridges before the crossing is finished.

  2. I’m still waiting on the third daughter’s mother to have the baby that she conceived with the troop dancer. Let’s see how they gonna talk their way out of that one.

    1. Wait, what? I obviously missed something along the way. All this time I thought Hanshi’s pregnancy was being faked so that she could stay in the husband’s good graces. I kept thinking, how is she going to keep this charade going?? But she really is pregnant? And with one of the troupe dancers?! LOL Wow…… I’m excited for this drama to unfold now.

      1. It was faked the first month. She said that she is pregnant while she was not. After to resolve this matter she got pregnant but Feng was already in the north. So found somebody to give some sperm.
        By the way Hanshi is the fourth miss mother not the third. The third miss and her mother are and will remain good people.
        Thank you.

    1. He gave all this money to the third prince, so he haven’t no money left
      Sorry for my english, I’m french and not very good at this ^^’

  3. Ah, the burn, so epic, so painful, so intense, this is what Aheng is working hard towards, making those idiots suffer at their own stupidity and arrogance. Even at this point, the idiot granny didn’t apologize for destroying the painting, still trying to shift the blame, take money from others, etc.
    Also, that smug face, she knows the fight is won, like previous times. Aheng should take a new title: “Bringer of Karma, with a side of awesome burns”

    Thanks for the update! God bless you, take care, and have a great week!

      1. they probably forgot about that, and when the time to pay up come they will try to bullshit their way out. unfortunately for them, it’s aheng we’re talking about, so no going the easy way out.

  4. I hate the dad, grand ma, sisters, the princess chang and rujia or whatever. Ugh. Can mc’s husband just whip them all in the eye socket

    1. i hate them too, except for the third sister if i’m not mistaken. she’s sweet, nice and most importantly not a backstabbing bitch.

      1. You are not mistaken. Third miss and her mother will always stay at A-heng side. Even if their lives can be endangered and A-heng try to protect them by severing ties with them.

  5. :tears up a painting in a fit of childish pique:
    “It’s your fault! It’s that painting’s fault! It’s god’s fault! IT’S NOT MINE OKAY.”

    I can’t count how often I’ve encountered this in real life..

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