Feng Qi Cang Lan Chapter 145.2

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  1. Thanks Big Red!

    I miss Master Fluffy (┭┮﹏┭┮)

    But I hope she’s strong enough now (hey she’s got the godly brick!) to silence everyone. But at the same time her “bf” has her back.

  2. omgomg i miss fluffy too 🙁

    he is a good teacher..

    btw does everyone knew any news about coffin face? senior han?

    is he still unconcious? i mean the ultra goal of xiaowan is to take revenge on that blue-haired bish rite??

    the next arc is about reunion i guess..

    tyvm leaf and bigred ♡

  3. Waaa finally, but is she really want to steal that yellow pill manual? Uuh, how nostalgic if MC remember fluffy. I do miss him. Be carefull MC, thankyou again Big Red, good luck timelessleaf. Thanks for updates 🙂

  4. Oh god! This has became so intersting. I cant wait to see SanRan’s face and all the sect leaders face when they will know how powerful she has became, afterall she had 7 roots

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