Rebirth of the Divine Doctor Chapter 22.3

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    1. so i was right. yet another censor job by this site. after multiple tries, changed the o to 0 and now it can post. seems like yet another forbidden word here to make comments not work.

  1. that assassination plot was utterly retarded. what was he going to do if he succeeded?
    would he say “*tehee* silly me I thought he’d dodge , well I’d best be going now”

    it was already silly that he could leave without repercussions after the attempt, but how would he have survived the immediate aftermath if he had actually succed in killing the granpa?

    that was stupidly written by the author

    1. The elder is literally the strongest force in these stories – with him dead everyone else would be like ants and would either die, flee, or surrender.

    1. I too throw deadly daggers at my friends whenevery they dont expect it

      those who survive, have found it to be a hilarious and bonding experience. nonwithstanding their bleeding wounds we all had a good laugh (if they still were capable of laughing.. or breathing..)

      you should give it a try. it weeds out those who just arent proper friends material!

      1. good one lol. Yeah, I think the author skipped a few details. We don’t know how strong is the guy that is with the bad old man so can’t explain the reason why they thought they could escape without dying.

        We needed more background and would have been better if the attack was from an anonymous background.

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