Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 243.5

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  1. time for the mc to take some art off her wall that cant be made here and sell it for big bucks, or maybe she can “invent” it herself, a new style of art…

  2. Hahaha the grandmother and the father are both shameless, they call other shameless but don’t even realize their own shamelessness wooow.
    Thanks for the chapter !!

  3. Elder did you forget what you just did? He’s clearly your son without a doubt, so why would you questioned his shameless conduct after you shamelessly wants aheng to pay the unrepairable painting which is shredded by your very hand?

  4. Feng Residence
    balance sheet per chapter 243.5
    add an ancient painting–debt to ex-waifu’s store 120000 silvers
    a mere 100 and so silvers left only

    1. Don’t forget about the money the father borrowed with the residence as collateral… Forgot the complete details and chapter though would love to re read it

    2. They owe 1.12 million silver teals… I am unable to work out what that is in modern-day money tho but I would have to guess around 3 million USD.

  5. Wow, the way this old hag is trying to dodge responsibility. She just shredded a piece of art, and a valuable one. I know the stupid one is the feng idiot, but still.
    Got to say, it barely took a couple chapters and this whole turd of a family already gave Aheng a lot of reason and ways to wreck them.
    I did expect the outsiders will make things more interesting, but this is beyond my expectations.
    Thanks for the hard work on the updates! God bless you all!

      1. Feng family minus Aheng. Hopefully when she marries she can change her family register hahaha but I know that even married women are still tied to their family.. sigh

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