Feng Ni Tian Xia Chapter 154.4

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  1. lomg time no read~ thank u stephii β™‘

    btw, i hope princess and beiyue back to their peace relationship haha

    oh my god friends, i miss you guys too! laughing over the theory on the comment section. but surely it does made my day hihi β™‘

  2. this is really exciting but also sad, because till now Prince Qi have not show up..i want them reunited and fight the enemy specially honglian. kick her ass.

  3. I have a theory that honglian is the real daughter of beiyue’s mother… And beiyue is a vessel that the king of the night created to later than be beiyue’s body. Considering that yan’s living inside her so that it woulnd’t break…

    1. nah what i think happened is beiyues mother had her with the king of the night and not the king of the country, how idk we will probobly find out in a flashback or something but thats what i think.

  4. I can’t work out are the bloody palace and the glory palace related?
    it seems like beiyuyue maid (forgot her name XD) should hate the glory palace unless she lost her memories she should know that the red lotus is the one that attacked her and had the 9 headed thing kidnap her.

    And she should know that based on beiyuyue personality she would have tried to find her and no doubt fought with red lotus (to the point of being badly injured) after all she was beiyuyue only real best friend they spent years being bullied together and taking whippings for each other ect.

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