Miao Shou Xian Dan Chapter 60

Uncategorized / Monday, December 2nd, 2019

I actually don’t mind, I thought little mufei is pretty cute hah



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  1. so i’m guessing this is how/where he gets his illness/curse from. long way to find out but at least we have a lot of background

    1. I really don’t get people. So many people commented “This would be such a great story if the MC was male”…the males get about half the story time, invested in what they do, who they are, and people complain when the F. MC takes a bit of a break…like we get this really interesting story, and shes basically just making a pill atm. Whats so bad about enjoying ALL the story? people get so antsy if perspective changes from one character, but a story that is all about one character would get so dull. Look at Overlord, its highly popular, but Ainz and co are the focus only about half the time, because its the combination of ALL characters that drive the story. The same can be said here…people are just so frustrating.

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