The Peerless Concubine Chapter 100.5

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  1. Oh man.. I laughed out loud pretty hard there. I also don’t think that Ruge would fall for a gentle guy that tried to seduce her. But who knows. Sometimes those little skin to skin contacts and such do add up. I wonder what kind of guy she would fall for. I vote for Gentleman Shen all the way.

  2. Laughing way harder than I should be. I see this going wrong in so many ways… Someone should warn him of the psycho banshee that’s already set eyes on him. Poor boy is gonna be super confused if she starts making a move and heaven forbid he be like the other flower idiots and not see her for the tramp she really is.

    1. Someone should tell that guy not to teach this stuff to his master. Ruge wonยดt fall for the swwet talking, gentle guys… soo yeah I see this going wrong in a big time too.

  3. Though fangbai isn’t wrong, i m worried the prince might mess up. He has zero experience afterall. Being a girl, i know that we prefer gentle bad boys. But prince is a such a novice m worried he might end up doing stuff that will only come across as brash and childish.

    PS: Am I the only one who is getting Bl vibes here ?? (I totally ship it…hardcore fujoshi here๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜)

  4. Hey he has a few points, women do prefer a gentleman and being strong is a great selling point. But you can tell the prince has never had to work hard for anything, except fighting the poison in his body. Ling Ruge will be more sympathetic to him because of this. So being a woman, I can truthfully say that if the prince suffers from his ailment she will definitely be more concerned and loving towards him. What woman can stand to see a beautiful strong man suffer, we are suckers for soft and fluffy, weak and in need.

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