Shen Yi Di Nu Chapter 237.5

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  1. Go get them Aheng, this stupid father doesn’t know that the 9th prince can walk, and is supported by the king, 9th prince, 1st prince, etc. and Aheng knows how to make steel.
    3rd prince is going to go crazy, you know he asked Aheng’s father for the steel formula.
    Princess Kangyi and her kid are spies.

  2. Right decision my family only do as you please as long as there’s benefit to it..note: grandma just die already please, your wrinkles is hurting my eyes

  3. What a stupid grandma!
    Don’t just agree with your dumb son!
    How hateful.
    Not to mention rujia’s behavior.
    Who does she think she is to kick Aheng out of the house?
    Okay, rujia is a princess?
    So what?
    It’s not like she’s at her own hometown.
    She can be a princess in her own hometown, but she’s no body in others hometown. No body at all, especially if she has to compete with Aheng.
    Gosh, how hateful!
    Wish the 9th prince in by Aheng’s side to help her fight those two bitches princess.

  4. she already did something! by just anouncing that the house is hers she put the prime minister in a ton of shet cause is she wants she can kick all of them out in no time. it is a game of psychology right now and waiting makes it even more scary. imagine what would happen if everyone find out that the house isn’t their anymore XD diabolical!!!!

    1. Highly doubt he could marry the princess when he has nothing to offer. He’s in debt with his own daughter and doesn’t have the deed to the house….

  5. And the sucker granma already fell for some sweet words. Aheng should destroy this entire family soon, it’s full of cr*p. No need for Aloe Vera, just burn them for good. Only that 3rd sister is decent, and her mother.

    Right, I wonder about that concubine who shagged a performer to get pregnant. If this princess duo gets into the clan, I wonder what will happen to that foolish concubine.

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