Master of Gu Chapter 72

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  1. The problem with the little brother is that has no imagination, he knows that when he had a low spiritual level no one cared about him, so now that he has a high spiritual level he should realise that everyone’s just using him!
    And when he and his older brother swapped places in the pecking order he didn’t care at all about his older brother’s feelings, just being happy that he now had everything he wanted! So he gave up the one thing that he always unconditionally had even when he was weak – his older brother’s devotion – in favour of this conditional status and favour.

  2. although he is “evil” everybody in his clan pushed him to become one. Since he got a treasure everybody envy him and want to steal from him. Such entitlement of because we want it and we had a better spiritual level from the start, we will and be the only ones worthy to get treasures. I got annoyed with the villain’s family and younger brother lol.

    It is sad that the younger brother didn’t notice that his brother was the only one he could count on. the desire to be loved and gain the approval of others made him hate his brother. Clan leaders didn’t want to help others to improve because that would mean a bigger investment on those kids who are not from the main family. The villain is in a town that strength ann scheme plans will let you overcome the difficulties.

  3. I feel like, based on what people always say, you guys are gonna end up losing your minds (in a good way) in about 70-80 more chapters.

  4. More please 😂 I don’t know why I like to read it.. it’s not like I love fighting scene or battle story.. but I enjoy this one so much.. thank you leafs team for your hard work ❤

  5. To quote an absolutely amazing person, “The power of love is bullsh*t. Swords and violence, now that’s where the money’s at.”

  6. This is obviously happening because Fangzheng is an idiot that let his conniving aunt and uncle adopt him, thinks way too much of himself, and has a martyr/hero complex. Oh, and because it’s funny.

  7. I would buy this if it was an anime.
    This chapter was hilarious. He’s an old man in a child’s body with year’s of experience on top of hidden gu’s

  8. How pitiful!! They are such bunch of sour losers. Instead of simply accepting that he is strong. Even with his third class talent, he is extraordinary, genius and strong, their superiority complex is making them want to see him lose. Sad😒

    1. Yes, they are accepting the fact and cannot accept it at the same time. A little conundrum based on fear. Scared of a wild card. Scared that their little plans will fail because of ‘him’. This entire clan is based on deception. These people accepted what they are. And they’re desperate.

    2. The children dont like mc cause he steals thier stones. The adults dont care that mc is strong now. Talent limits your max potential, so the gap grows as time goes on. So those withour talent need to put in more effort and luck.

      So all the adults know 1st class talent is going to be next leader, so they butter up to him. No matter how many times mc wins in a children fight makes no difference. Now if mc breaks into 4th stage and above, that would be a different story

        1. 5th stage is the Apex of Mortal Cultivation.

          6th Stage and beyond is when you become an Immortal, and this why his Chinqu Cicada is such a huge boon to him. A rank 6 Gu quite literally alters the reality around them by rewriting the Dao Laws.

          So Fang Yuan basically has a super cheat.

  9. Truly a sad story. This loud “encouragement” was completely hollow for the younger one. It was only a way to bring down the older one. They’re using foolish little brother and he cannot grasp it. In the end he’s only a child with no perspective.

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