Goddess Creation System Chapter 256.5

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  1. Why is his blood blue/purple?
    He’ll probably fall into the water and wash up on the island where Xiaxi and the duke are at.

  2. Idk why but this story line doesn’t excite me at all, it’s confusing, doesn’t have anything to do with the main character, and is overall hard for me to read, which sucks cause the other story lines or “kings” were so interesting and fun.

    1. I agree. The first arcs were amazing. Xiaxi underwent so much character development. The first two love interests were not perfect princes, they were portrayed as ruthless and there was always a sense of tension. Xiaxi used her mind and was willing to change herself and manipulate others to fit her needs.

  3. PURPLE BLOOD!? How the hell can he have purple blood!? Even if he is a
    vampire, this doesn’t make any sense. And thanks for the update leaf.

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