The Peerless Concubine Chapter 99.5

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  1. Yes yes yes girl yes take your man yes yes no is not an option. He found the love of his life now it will make sense when she becomes his concubine.

  2. I know its big deal back in the ancient time but our FL is from the present time.. she’s not that traditional or conservative… 🤦 Oh well.. I just hope she’ll accept gentleman Shen in the near future as her hubby… 😍🤭

    1. She is not from present time. This is not time travelling. Rather, this one inside is a cultivator in a goddess level. Or maybe really a goddess. She drop to earth bcs she lost to someone.
      That is what i remember…

  3. That’s okay, don’t reject him just yet.
    Let’s take it as a start, okay..
    Take it slow, but don’t blow it up 😉

    Thank you for the updates Leaf and Team 🙏🏼

  4. Okay there is going the speed limit and then there is flooring it to 120 mph. I know he is still new to this but he has to calm down.

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