The Peerless Concubine Chapter 98

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Exam time!



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  1. Chuoming ahd her boyfriends are delusional, they don’t even know the truth when they see it! The are so busy making up lies that hey lie to themselves. So, who gets bitchy Chuoming 1st yan or 3rd yan. Ha! Ha! And she doesn’t like either one of them. Maybe they will kill her after she shuts them down after they declare their undying love for her. You reap what you [email protected]!!

  2. Hold it! Who does Bai Chouming think she is of Gentleman Shen that she is showing such possessiveness towards him? Neither she is his sister, mother, relative, friend, gfrd or wife. With what right is she ordering Ling Ruge to stay away from Shen when Shen himself has zero problem. With a bratty, immature, arrogant, distasteful and bitchy personality like her, she actually has the gall to call Ruge dirty. If I was a gentleman Shen, forget about touching, I would keep a protection barrier of radius one mile around me, specifically for her, to keep her away😡😒

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